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Inaugurated September, 2000 (permanent installation) Auschwitz Jewish Center,
Oswiecim, Poland

Surrounded with lists of former residents, the Landsmanschaft , of the southern Polish town of Owicim, I began the search for their stories, memories, photographs and the rare artifact from their lives before World War II. For weeks at all hours of the day or night, I called people all over the United States, Canada, Sweden, Israel, Argentina and even Australia. It was these people with their vivid memories and generosity who told me about life and good times in this town that in 1939 became Auschwitz. Some had left with their families during the hard economic times after World War I and others survived the Holocaust. I learned about market day, schools, holidays and weddings as well as Zionist youth organizations, theatrical groups, sports clubs and the different Hasidic sects which infused this town with energy and community.

The exhibition of pre-War photographs and artifacts is installed in the restored women's section of Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue, the only synagogue of thirty in Owicim to survive WWII.