Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories, Oaxaca Village and other exhibitions have been featured in press outlets worldwide. Here, are downloadable pdf copies and links to just a few of these articles. Please check back often for updates!

Interviews with Jill Vexler

Jill has been interviewed extensively by Ronnie Eldridge, the talk show hostess for City University of New York television. To watch these videos on line, Click Here, or select a program below:

Jill Vexler, cultural anthropologist,
"Life of Helen Suzman"

Taped: 03/09/2010

Jill Vexler, curator, "Yahrzeit: September 11 Observed"

Taped: 09/14/2010

About Exhibitions

Making Art from the Stuff of Memories, The Sun (Baltimore)
Neither one medium nor one dimension can contain the lives depicted in Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories... download article

Crown Heights Without Hype: A Neighborhood History Project Goes Big Time After the Riots, The Jewish Week (New York)
A not so funny thing happened to the organizers of the Crown Heights History Project on their way to the opening... download article

Mexican Store Visits Sister City, Scholastic News
Palo Alto's nearest sister city is Oaxaca, the capital of a mountainous state in Mexico. It lies about 4,450 miles south of Palo Alto. But last year, 25,000 Palo Alto students got to know Oaxaca better. No one had to travel far. Why? Walking into the Palo Alto Junior Museum one year ago was like walking into Oaxaca Village... download article

From Ground Zero, The Language Of Memory, Jewish Week (New York)
Sept. 11 is movingly remembered in ‘Yahrzeit’ exhibit at Museum of Jewish Heritage...link to article

9-11 Observed at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Lower Manhttan (New York)
According to Jewish tradition, the anniversary of a death is a day of reflection to remember what was lost.  The observance of this day is called yahrzeit.  On the first anniversary of the September 11 disaster, cultural anthropologist and Lower Manhattan resident Dr. Jill Vexler urges all New Yorkers to set aside some time for reflecting on the events of the past year and looking toward the future...link to article

Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories,
Jewish Women's Archive
This exhibtion honors the lives of thirty Jewish women who lived in Baltimore among family and friends. Each has a story to tell... link to article

About the Curator's Role

Mexico City's Small Museums by Jill Vexler, Diversion Magazine
At last count in about 1985, there were 17 million people and 55 museums in Mexico City. If you happen to visit one of the major museums - the superb National Museum of Anthropology for example - on a national holiday, you would be forgiven for thinking that all 17 million residents were right there beside you, and that Mexico was the most indefatigably culture-loving nation on earth... downoad article

A Call to Action by Jill Vexler, Museum News (Fall 2001)
Of all cultural institutions that call themselves"museums," perhaps children's museums have the greatest potential to create a lasting impressions on visitors, simply because their clientele is younger. But all museums have an obligation to prepare children for a world far more culturally complex and diverse than anything we knew when we were young... download article

Children's Museum Exhibitions: Distilled or Watered Down? by Jill Vexler, Curator Magazine (Fall 2001)
Exhibitions in children's museums often have an air of simplicity. They are built to meet the small scale of the target visitors, solidly constructed and may be adorned with bright colors and clear, bold-faced lettering. They are inviting, instantly user friendly and sometimes have almost a homemade quality. They are by definition, made for children, and, therefore, appear to be uncomplicated version of information... download article