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Pick up your Passport and travel to kitchens in Greece, Mexico and Thailand. Come in and grind wheat, corn or rice and look out the windows to see where you are! In the Heart of the Home inaugurated the expanded Bay Area Discovery Museum (San Francisco, CA) and was the first cross-cultural exhibition curated for a children's museum. Why kitchens? Because they are just great spaces in Greece, Mexico and Thailand and they are great places to learn about these cultures!

Finding three communities to represent in the very international Bay Area was a challenge. But advice from local urban studies professors led me to cultural leaders, teachers, priests, diplomats and store-keepers in the Greek, Mexican and Thai communities in the area. With research in Mexico and Thailand already in hand, my seven weeks in Greece were an extraordinary way to learn about traditional village life, architecture, foods, customs, language and crafts. To insure the integrity of the Greek kitchen for the exhibition, I was in over 70 kitchens on three islands! With the insider's knowledge and doors opened by the Mayor of Koronos, Naxos, an engineer by training, my photos and purchases with his drawings insured the accuracy. All three kitchens are meticulous re-creations of a real family's kitchen in each country and are filled with authentic artifacts used in every day life.