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Video: Photographer as Witness: Proof Enough?
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, October 11th, 2011

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Rare are images of Jewish partisans during World War II. Even rarer are Jewish photographers who took them. Who had the luxury of a camera? A darkroom? How did a photographer carry photographic equipment from camp to camp, living in the wilds for almost three years?

Perhaps the only Jewish photographer to capture Jewish partisan resistance on film is a former partisan, Faye Schulman. Her photography and artistry document the camaraderie, horror and loss, bravery and triumph of the rag-tag, tough Partisans who fought the Nazis energetically and saved the lives of thousands of Jews.

Jill Vexler curated the only exhibition of Faye's extraordinary work for The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF). Faye was 86 in 2008, when the exhibition began its international tour (Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, and Poland). Building on her personal friendships with the photographer who now lives in Toronto, Jill's curatorial eye guides Faye's narrative of each photograph. A video interview with Faye Schulman, links to JPEF's superb website and a Teacher/Student Study Guide also accompany the exhibition.

In July, 2009, a Polish translation of the exhibition was launched at the Galicia Jewish Museum IN Krakow, Poland, as part of the Krakow Festival of Jewish Culture. That exhibition is presently touring Poland and will continue through 2012.