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"Letters to Sala" is a narrative told mainly through postcards and photographs written to and saved by Sala Garncarz, deported at sixteen into the Nazi labor camp system. It is a story of determination, stamina, and creativity in the face of imprisonment and inhuman treatment. The correspondence to Sala sheds fascinating light on life in occupied Poland as well as in other labor camps. Holocaust scholars believe Sala's bundle of letters that she successfully hid from Nazi guards for five years to be unique in Holocaust annals. The exhibition is complemented by Arlene Hutton's play based on the book Sala's Gift, by Sala's daughter, Ann Kirschner. Originally curated for the Wachenheim Gallery of the New York Public Library, the traveling version of the exhibition is presently on a five-year tour of the United States while a separate Polish-English version travels throughout Poland. A small version of the exhibition was translated to Czech and presented in Schatzlar/Zacler, Czech Republic, where Sala was liberated by the Russian Army.

Graphic design for the traveling exhibition was done by Barbara Leff of The Monk Group, New York.